Solutions for Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a lonely and often misunderstood professional path that is surrounded by lack of concrete business advice and dry wells of available financing. We understand this life choice you selected and will assist to make your business a success.

GrowABusiness - Successful Entrepreneur

How can we help?

We can offer you information and expertise to enhance your business skills and make a success of your business. This is done at no cost on our website, newsletters and upcoming podcast.

All you need to do is Join Our Free Content Library MembershipHaving access to our free membership library will give you access to our growing list of eBooks, articles, podcast episodes, business resources and related products on entrepreneurship and business.



Included with this membership is our Business Startup Checklist.


We often get asked for assistance in getting funding for your business. If this describes you, then you need to learn how to write a business plan. We have a blog post article that will assist you in getting a business plan done in order to secure funding.


We can also offer you personalised information and advice that is applicable to your own business.


Introducing the GrowABusiness Academy

It is a premium entrepreneur membership programme that offers you the following:

  • A monthly business magazine, The Prudent Entrepreneur. We cover the topics of business skills, corporate governance, sales, marketing, finance and soft skills, in an editorial format.
  • Access to fellow entrepreneurs that provide networking opportunities.
  • Ability to submit any questions related to your business and have this answered personally by our team.
  • 2 hour monthly webinar where specific topics related to the questions posed to us are answered.
  • 2 hour monthly training on a specific business skills topic.
  • Opportunity to purchase completed business plans for specific industries.
  • Opportunity to purchase ready-made businesses that have been created, which are available with a comprehensive business plan and business coaching every week for 3 months.

The coaching and personal response itself is worth R2400 per month (@R600 per hour), but we want you (and many more entrepreneurs) to join our GrowABusiness Academy. Hence, we have the following offer for you.

If you sign up for the GrowABusiness Academy, you get the following items valued at R500 included with your membership:

  • List of Essential Business Resources
  • List of Possible Funding Options
  • Business Templates
  • Video Tutorials On Using Your Business Templates
  • Sample Business Documents
  • Implementing ISO9001 Standards in your Business


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